Bike Training Wheels. The Complete Guide.

By Matthew Mansour

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Are you looking for the best bike training wheels? If so, you are at the right place. In this post, I will share with you everything you need to know about the best bike training wheels.

Why Use Bike Training Wheels?

Bikes are a popular mode of transportation for children. However, some kids tend to get frustrated when they can’t get the hang of riding independently. To help them get started, you might want to try using bike training wheels. Bike training wheels allow your child to balance and learn how to ride a bicycle without falling over every few seconds.

Another reason you need bike training wheels is that it can be dangerous for kids to ride on their own. Numerous injuries have occurred by falls. Without proper protection, these accidents can result in serious injury!

How does bike training work?

Bike training works by allowing your child to ride a bicycle with more stability and balance. Since they will be riding on two wheels already, it’s easier for them to get started without the assistance of adults. With practice, children may learn how to make turns, pedal faster, and remain balanced while stopping too! No worries about your child falling off anymore!

What Makes A Bike Training Wheel Good?

A good bike training wheel should be safe for your child to use on their own. You can tell whether it works well by putting pressure on the wheel while your child is riding it. If it wobbles, then you may need to get another one.

Since these devices will be on the bicycle most of the time, you might want to choose durable ones that will last long enough.

Another thing that makes a bicycle training wheel good is if it’s adjustable according to the height. I suggest you go with flexible training wheels so that they can grow with your child over time. This way, you won’t have to buy another set of training wheels too soon!

How Do You Install Bike Training Wheels?

To install the training wheels, place the wheel behind one of the front or back tires. You can adjust them as needed for stability and balance and where they attach to the frame. Then, tighten all screws and bolts securely so that they won’t come loose over time.

If you’ve never installed bike training wheels before, we recommend watching a video tutorial first. This way, you will learn the proper method and how it’s done.

Disadvantages of using training wheels

Training wheels are not designed to help your child learn how to balance or ride on their own. You must teach your child these skills first before removing the training wheels. Riding a bicycle is an activity that requires coordination as well as you need to be able to balance yourself on two wheels.

Other than that, using bike training wheels will prolong the learning process. While they are great for safety, they can be counterproductive to your child’s development of riding on their own.

How Fast Can I Remove My Child’s Training Wheels?

It depends on how fast they can improve their balance and coordination. You don’t want them to use this device for too long just until they can ride safely without any assistance whatsoever! If they’re just learning how to ride the bicycle, then it won’t be a problem. However, if your child already knows how to balance themselves on two wheels, then you might want to take the training wheels off as they may find them frustrating and even hold them back from improving their skills!

Bike Training Wheels

Do kids really need training wheels?

We might not be able to answer this question entirely since every kid is unique and learns at a different rate than others. Some kids may be slow to learn how to ride a bicycle, while others are just quick learners.

However, having training wheels for kids can help improve their confidence and safety as they practice riding the bicycle independently.

How To Tell When Your Child Is Ready To Ride Without Bike Training Wheels?

This is a question parents often ask – when is it time to take off the bike training wheels? How can you tell whether your child has learned everything they needed from the device already?

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your child can guide their bike around obstacles quickly with one hand
  • They can stop with ease whenever you tell them to, or they see there’s something in front of them
  • They do not need any assistance when riding their bike
  • Your child can control their bike correctly without falling off often
  • They can ride the bicycle on flat ground, along sidewalks, and even up slopes easily

If your child can check all of these statements, then it means they have mastered riding the bicycle! Congrats! You can now remove their training wheels.

How Can I Prevent My Child From Getting Hurt?

It’s truly a parent’s worst nightmare to see their child get injured while practicing how to ride a bicycle.

As your child learns how to balance themselves on two wheels with training wheels, they might accidentally fall, so you have to be there for them at all times. To prevent injury from happening, make sure that you stay close by. You can even stand behind or in front of them as they practice riding the bicycle. 

Your supervision and guidance will help ensure that they don’t suffer from injuries.

Should kids skip training wheels for balance bikes?

Many parents today ask whether they should let their child skip using training wheels and move right on to a balance bike instead. A balance bike is a bicycle without the pedals, which means your kid will have to push themselves with their feet on the ground as they learn how to ride.

If you think about it, it would be much easier for them since they won’t have any extra weight from the metal frame of a regular bicycle!

However, we strongly recommend that new riders use some training wheels before going on a balance bike because it’s simply safer this way. If a new rider isn’t used to balancing themselves yet, then there’s no telling when or where they might fall off from if they go straight onto a balance bike.

Top Ten Bike Training Wheels For Kids

We made a list of the top 10 bike training wheels for kids on Amazon based on their performance, durability, and ability to improve balance and coordination skills. Take a look at these products below:


Training wheels are an excellent way to help your child become more confident in their abilities when riding a bicycle, especially if they have never done it before.

While you want them to practice as much as possible, it’s also important for you to guide them at all times so you can prevent serious injuries from happening.

Training wheels will help improve coordination skills and balance since they need to figure out how much pressure they should apply on the ground with each pedal.

Once that is figured out, then the training wheels can be removed!

Balance bikes are also great because they offer kids freedom without any form of guidance needed. However, we still recommend using bike training wheels first before trying out balance bikes.

Comment below on some tips you’ve given your child on how to ride a bicycle!

Have a happy day!


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