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Are you a parent?

We know how hard it is to find great information for your parents. That’s why we write articles about the best advice, tips, tricks, movies, toys, books, and travel destinations that are perfect for them. Our goal is to make parenting easier by helping you discover new things every day.

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Why kids? Why 10 Best for Kids?

10 best for kids is a parenting blog that provides readers with access to high-quality content about parenting, education, health, etc. It has tens of articles that provide great tips to parents about how they can help their kids develop into responsible adults.

This is an online resource for parents to gain insightful knowledge about raising children. Articles are written by parents who have first-hand experience on the topics being discussed and who do thorough research to back up the information they provide.

10 best for kids strives to help parents raise healthy, happy children who become well-adjusted adults. Our approach towards parenting is grounded in psychology research, social learning theory, and modern behaviorism.

This website is dedicated to providing parents with access to high-quality information on parenting that meets the standards of modern science. It is run by parents who are willing to connect with readers and provide help.

Our website covers many topics that are related to children’s needs. We also compile lists of the 10 best points in each category to make it easier for parents to find the information they’re looking for.

10 best for kids was created with a strong desire to educate parents on the best practices for raising their children. We are parents ourselves and have first-hand experience in raising our own children.

Why “10 best?”

We know – it might seem crazy that every article is composed of 10 points.

But it actually goes back to the old tradition of the 10 best this, or the 10 best that. They’d give you 10 quick tips & tricks instead of focusing on one thing at a time, giving you more options regarding what you can do to help your kids grow.

You might have heard that everything in life is about balance, right? You can’t have one extreme without the other – so it’s important to have different perspectives on different topics.

That’s what we’re trying to do at 10 best for kids – give you a lot of different perspectives. If we only had one point in each category, it’d be pretty boring!

Who are we?

We’re fathers and mothers who spend half our time working on this blog while the other half is spent living our lives.

We are also life coaches and cognitive behavior therapy practitioners who are always looking for new and innovative ways to share our knowledge with the world.

We’re passionate about making the world a better place by helping you succeed as parents. We’re here to provide you with helpful tips, tricks, and advice on everything related to kids so that you can raise them in the

Because let’s face it – we’re all in this together!

Lenny Terra is the founder & editor-in-chief. He’s a life coach, software engineer, freelance writer, and has a diploma in Modern Applied Psychology. Lenny has a passion for great living & beautiful design. He is married and is the father of two beautiful girls. His life’s mission is to help people improve their lives, become happier and more productive. This blog is his contribution to that goal and to the empowerment of his readers. Lenny and his family live in Texas with their two dogs.

Matthew Mansour is a professional life coach, fitness trainer, health coach, a blogger with over 800 articles published to date. He enjoys reading and researching books that are reflective of the nature of who we are as humans, understanding the complexity of our minds, and using it as an advantage to propel us forward in life.

He is a self-help enthusiast and he is not ashamed about it! He’s always looking for his next fix of inspiration, motivation, insight, and wisdom from those who have been there before him!

He also does a lot of courses and research on the latest and greatest in the area of self-help, life coaching, and health.

He likes to share his discoveries with anyone who is interested in listening! His personal goal is to help people achieve great results in their lives, that is why he also has a blog about self-improvement.

He loves animals and he currently lives in New Jersey with his loving wife and his recently born child.

Marcella Raskin is a passionate and articulate writer who has dedicated her life to studying human potential. She has studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Life Purpose Coaching, Group Life Coaching. She loves helping women (and men) explore themselves through writing, which allows for an exploration into one’s thoughts on entrepreneurship or personal development topics such as mindset-shaping techniques that can positively shape someone’s perspectives about themselves when they don’t think it could ever happen! She practices sports and has studied Exercise Physiology. She is married and the mother of two girls.

Joanna Perez is a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, a passionate blogger, writer, traveler, wife, and mother of one boy. Joanna loves to share her thoughts on parenting, health, wellness, and lifestyle.

She is a Certified Women Empowerment Life Coach and has done courses on Life Mastery, Happiness, Health, and Success. She also has studied Neuroscience for Parents and took the Skilled Helper Training Course.

She believes in helping people become the best version of themselves and strives to provide quality informative and inspiring content. She loves animals, especially her two cats, and can often be found taking photos of them as they pose for the camera.

Brenda Tillman is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner, a dedicated mom blogger, and a life enthusiast. She also has completed courses on Parenting Skills, Learning, and Education. She is married and is the proud mother of a boy and two girls. She loves being with her family and pets. She has been blogging for over five years now and enjoys sharing her thoughts on parenting, relationships, health & fitness as well as other topics that come up in life.

Gabrielle J. Smith is a Human Resources professional, writer, blogger, and mother of three. One of her hobbies is educating herself (and others) about job hunting and resume writing. She has helped many people through her career and continues to share knowledge with the masses in order to help them gain meaningful employment. One of Gabrielle’s favorite subjects is what she has coined “resume tricks,” and she says there are many of them. She has been blogging for the last four years, and her advice has been featured on many important sites in order to help job seekers in their searches. Gabrielle’s advice is always sound and to the point, and she shows no sign of slowing down.

Sam Goldman is an Entrepreneurship And Business Life Coach and a blogger who writes about lifestyle and financial topics. He also is a Personal Finance Life Coach.

He has been blogging since 2016 and currently writes for several sites. Sam loves writing about finance, business, entrepreneurship, start-ups, relationships, self-help, lifestyle, love, family, and other important matters to help people through their problems.

He is divorced and has a boy. His posts are always to the point and interesting. He shows his particular personality in his blog posts and researches his topics well and backs everything up with facts. Sam has published over 200 posts in his writing career, and his blog posts are shared all over the internet.

We are based in Texas, and New Jersey, U.S. but we have writers from around the world. All our articles are written in English.

What can you find on 10 Best For Kids?

10 Best For Kids features a variety of topics — we keep things simple and focus on everyday issues that parents face. You can find information on Parenting, Education, Health and Safety, Home and Family, Travel, Fun and Entertainment, and pretty much anything that makes life a little bit easier for parents.

We try to make things easy to understand, so anyone can read our articles and get something out of them. We also provide resources and links to other websites that we believe will be helpful to parents.

We hope you find this site useful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us any time – we love hearing from our readers!

Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to seeing you around!

We hope you find this site useful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us any time – we’d love to hear from you.    

Thanks for stopping by, and we look forward to seeing you around!

Lenny T. – Founder & Editor-in-Chief of 10 Best For Kids